A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Night in the Pool is a mysterious point'n'click where you decide to spend the night in a public swimming pool to hunt ghosts. No luck, other strangers had the same idea as you. Even more stupid, you are all locked up.

Investigate to discover the secrets of this strange evening, where you should have stayed at home instead of illegally squatting in a public building. Seriously.


  • Swimming in a pool.
  • Looking for weird clues.
  • Meeting cool people.
  • Accusing these people.
  • Search for ghosts. That's why you're here, actually.
  • 4 Endings !!!


Move : WASD

Interact : Right/Left click


NightInThePool_1.1_Win.zip 181 MB
NightInThePool_1.1_Mac.zip 183 MB
NightInThePool_1.1_Linux.zip 187 MB

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Was honestly such a good game. I went into this not expecting it to be scary and had my soul nearly leap out of my body at times. When playing the game, I did originally find it kinda jarring how the sprites of the other people were each so stylistically different, but over time I did get used to it. Overall tho, such a great experience!

Thank you very much ! Such a nice comment ! Indeed, since it was a rather experimental project, there is a lot of visual "mix".


very amazing art style, if i find time i play this masterpiece

Thank you ! Enjoy the game ; )

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That was a lot of fun... I might've judged some parts of it too much... but trust me, I LOVED it! Yes this late.


Thanks for the show !


Thanks. :)

Show post...


Thanks !


Awesome game! I loved the Danganronpa sort of inspiration/style! The game was pretty tense and spooky at times as well. I think I got all 4(?) endings, but maybe I missed one! The only feedback I can really give is that there’s a lot of minor English text errors. Regardless, great experience! I’m terrible with horror elements in games but this one was the right balance for me personally. :)


Hi ! Thanks so much for playing, the video is cool ! You actually got all the endings, yeah. As for the English, it's possible that there are some little errors, I'll fix it soon. The team is happy that you liked the game !


Super sympa comme jeu, j'aime particulièrement le style graphique, aussi bien la "3D" que les perso ! Très cool comme enquête, bravo !

(Petit bug sur l'interaction du panneau "Maitre nageur" à coté de la porte qui mène vers le petit bureau, ça ne dit rien)


Merci beaucoup ! Il reste en effet quelques bugs et soucis qui seront corrigés dans les jours qui viennent.