A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hunger is an thrilling investigation/point'n'click game where you are responsible for finding a girl. Explore a small open town in search of clues and follow your suspect's daily routine through a day/night cycle and a time loop that will require you to interact at different times of the day.

Playtime : 30 to 40 minutes


  • Find clues, post them on your board and follow the leads.
  • Dynamic day/night cycle system with a precise routine for your suspect.
  • Search and move objects/obstacles with a dynamic physics system.
  • Mix between puzzle and exploration!


Move : WASD

Jump : Space

Crouch : Left CTRL

Sprint : Left SHIFT

Interact : Right click


Hunger_1.0_WIN.zip 89 MB
Hunger_1.0_LINUX.zip 93 MB
Hunger_1.0_MAC.zip 102 MB


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Really interesting and it does a great job of making the player feel quite uncomfortable.  At least it did for me!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed the immersion!

nice story

Thanks !